Join us at Camp Navarro September 8-10 for our 2017 flagship event. Held on a serene 200 acre camp surrounded by 380,000 acres of redwood forests, rivers, mountains, and ocean, we can’t think of a better location! It is an outdoor playground only a quick drive from San Francisco, and will be the perfect place to meet new friends and enjoy all the best aspects of Northern California.
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Jessica Zaneis

SoulCare by CCC & Chronic Climber Chick
Phoenix, Arizona Area
I have been writing a blog about all things outdoors for 6 years called Chronic Climber Chick. It began as a way to start putting together reports of the many trails I had done along with the photographs and expressing myself via the written word while I was going through some healing and health issues.
I never thought anyone other than my Mom would read it. It connected me to an entire new community and changed my life.
A few of the highlights:
I have climbed Kilimanjaro and spent time volunteering at an orphanage and school for blind children while there.
I am a guide for the Foundation for Blind Children in Phoenix. We trained for 9 months and took 10 of the young adults from the school white water rafting the upper segment of the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon and hiked out of Bright Angel Trail. We donate 5% of all sales to help them continue these adventures for the kids. We are working on more soon to be announced.
I love any outdoor activity, all of it, and am always looking to expand my experiences outside.
I started my company SoulCare by CCC 2 years ago to encompass all things body, mind and spirit that involve nature. I am a yogi and have been practicing it along with meditation for almost 10 years.
SoulCare is a wellness company focusing on body, mind, spirit & self care. I do retreats and workshops on self-care, clean ups and community events to raise awareness about supply chain, pollution, sustainability eco-issues and many other social issues.
I was in medical sales for almost 15 years and learned a tremendous amount about our healthcare system and how it is all connected along with experiencing my own major health issues during that time. I spent those 15 years traveling all over the country and mostly in the Southwestern US. I spent the last 4 years of my career focusing on the Indian Reservations and their lands.
I love anything to do with space, earth science, music, art and of course the outdoors.
Giving back is my favorite activity of all.
I love to connect and learn about any and all of the above!